The main topics of the 4th International Conference WATER 2018 for which we accept paper submissions, are:

  • NHRA: Natural Hazards and Risk Assessment

  • HYDRA: HYDraulics. Theory and Applications

  • CASE: CoAStal Engineering

  • IWM:Integrated Water Management

  • HWR: Hydrology and Water Resources

  • CWE- Civil Water Engineering

  • AWI: Agriculture and Water Issues

  • WQEH: Water Quality and Ecosystem Health

  • GWG: Ground Water and Geotechnics

  • GRSWEM: Gis and Remote Sensing in Water and Environment Management

  • WANDY: Water dAta maNagement anD interoperabilitY

  • SDEP: Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection
  • WEE: Water in Engineering Education 


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