• The process of reviewing the articles received for publication takes place in two stages:

1. The Editorial Committee checks the article typing rules; if the rules are not respected, the editor will send the article to the author(s) in order to remedy inconsistencies. You can download the template here

2. Article prepared according to the template will be sent to at least two reviewers. The reviewing system will meet the double blind review.

Reviewing is based on a set of assessment criteria, which refer to:

  • Attributes of Contribution
  • Attributes of Research
  • Attributes of Presentation

each one has five questions that reviewers respond.

The main author of the article will receive via e-mail both of the reviews regardless of resolution. The resolution can be:

  • accepted,
  • accepted with minor changes,
  • accepted with major changes,
  • rejected.

If the resolution is "Accepted", then the article will be published in the current issue of the journal.

If the resolution is "Accepted with minor or major changes", the article is sent to the author(s) to address the issues identified, after which it is reintroduced in the review process.

If the resolution is "Rejected", the article will not be published.

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