The conference venue is Constanta, Romania. All the meetings will take place at the Faculty of Civil Engineering headquarters: Unirii Str. 22b. Tel.0241 545 093

Constanta is one of Romania’s key cities - located in the southeastern part of the country. One of the most important cities in the country, Constanta is the largest harbour on the Black Sea coast and one of the main European ports.

The ancient city of Tomis (Constanta today) was founded by Greek colonists, during the 6th century BC, on the site of a Gaetic settlement. Evidence from its impressive history can be found in museums, parks and archaeological sites. 

In the Archeological Museum one can find ancient artifacts, such as the statue of the  Goddess Fortuna with Pontos (the Black Sea’s god) and Glycon’s (Asian divinity), antique art collections, as well as the Hamangia culture collection.

Among other interesting testimonies of the past, it is worth mentioning: the Archeological Park, the Roman mosaic, the Mosque, the Genovian lighthouse (built in the 12th Century), the Casino.

The symbol of the city is the Latin poet Ovidius, who, exiled by the Roman Emperor Augustus, settled and wrote in Tomis. Ovidius University carries his name.

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