Role and responsibilities of the national committee of the coastal zone in sustainable coastal zone development

Florica Brașoveanu

DOI: 10.2478/ouacsce-2023-0010

Pages 67 – 72

Abstract – This paper examines the role and responsibilities of the National Committee of the Coastal Zone in sustainable coastal zone development. It highlights the approach required to balance economic development with environmental preservation and community well-being in coastal regions. The key responsibilities of the committee include policy development and implementation, regulatory oversight, research and data analysis, stakeholder engagement, education and awareness campaigns, disaster management and climate adaptation strategies, and funding and resource allocation. Through a comprehensive review of these roles, the paper emphasizes the importance of integrated management and collaborative efforts in achieving sustainable coastal zone development.

Keywords – coastal zone management, environmental conservation, Romanian legal framework, sustainable development.

"Ovidius” University Annals of Constanta

"Ovidius” University Annals of Constanta

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